One of the most important parts of your AC unit is the capacitor. This small part is responsible for sending power into the unit when it kicks on, limiting its impact on your home’s electrical system. As this part wears down and needs to be professionally replaced, you’ll notice a variety of AC issues that only worsen over time.

Importance of AC Capacitors

An AC capacitor is a small tube that looks and acts like a battery. Your air conditioner initially needs more energy than your home can handle when it first turns on. An AC capacitor delivers this energy and then lowers its output while your unit cools the home. Without a fully functioning capacitor, your AC unit will dramatically lose efficiency and skyrocket your monthly utility bills.

The AC capacitor may need to be replaced if the system isn’t starting or is producing humming or clicking noises. A worn-out capacitor will make it hard for the unit to create cool air, which may result in temperature inconsistencies in the home. You may even notice smoke or smell something burning in the unit.

AC capacitors are high-voltage components directly connected to the wiring in your air conditioner. It’s not safe to try to handle or replace them by yourself. You need an HVAC technician to take care of the repair to ensure your unit is functioning safely. Routine maintenance service will ensure the capacitor is replaced before it becomes a fire hazard.

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