When your heater needs repair, there are some questions to ask the technician afterward. The answers can help you prevent problems in the future and get a clearer idea of when you may need a new heater. The responses you receive can also give you confidence that the job was done correctly.

Why Did This Happen?

You might be able to prevent repair bills in the future by finding out why your heater needed to be fixed this time. It could be because the air filter isn’t getting changed often enough or the heater isn’t receiving proper maintenance. Ask if you should have called earlier and if doing so would have resulted in a lower repair bill.

What Broke?

Find out where the issue originated. Have the technician explain what part malfunctioned and show you how they fixed it. The technician should be happy to provide client education and explain how they dealt with your problem. Learning this may help you maintain your heater better in the future.

Does My Warranty Cover This?

If your heater is still under a warranty, ask if the broken part is covered. It may have become faulty due to manufacturer defects. The labor of your HVAC technician may or may not be covered as well.

Do You Offer a Maintenance Plan?

Getting your heater maintained every fall can prevent many problems from developing. Ask the technician if their company has a maintenance plan to help your heater keep working great year after year.

At Air Giant Heating & Air Conditioning in Florian, LA, we have such a maintenance plan. It includes priority service, biannual maintenance visits and more.

How Long Will the Repair Last?

Sometimes, the technician will perform a short-term fix. This is especially true if there’s not much life left in your heater. Ask them how long they expect this solution to hold up and if you may soon need another repair or even a replacement system.

If you want first-rate service, turn to us at Air Giant Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experts install, repair and maintain both heaters and air conditioners throughout the Florian area. We can also help you with appliance repair and indoor air quality issues. Just call us today to schedule an appointment.

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