To save energy and keep your home comfortable, make sure you place the thermostat in the right location to ensure accurate temperature readings and overall air conditioner efficiency. Below, you’ll find some guidelines to follow when deciding where to put your thermostat.

Keep It Out of Direct Sunlight

If you place the thermostat in a location that gets direct sunlight, it can provide false readings. This is because the sunlight warms up the unit to a temperature that’s higher than the room itself. This results in your heater and air conditioner turning on when they’re not needed, which wastes energy.

Don’t Place It on an Exterior Wall

You should only put the thermostat on an interior wall. Exterior walls will give false readings because the thermostat readings will be affected by the air temperature outside, similarly to if it’s placed in direct sunlight.

Don’t Place It in the Kitchen

Even if it’s not hot all day, your kitchen probably gets warmer than other rooms in your home, considering it’s where you cook. Your thermostat will pick up the temperature fluctuations and respond as if the entire home is just as warm. Unless you want the air conditioner to turn on and cool the entire house every time you make dinner, the kitchen probably isn’t the best place for your thermostat.

Don’t Place Near an Air Vent

You want the thermostat to register the overall indoor temperature inside your home. If it’s near an air vent, it will only register the temperature of the air being blown into your home by the HVAC system.

Keep It Away From Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can let in drafty air. This is especially true when they’re open. This results in the thermostat having inaccurate readings, potentially leading to high energy bills.

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